Healthy body, mind & spirit is a soul at peace and in balance with nature, grounded & energised; performing to peak potential with the presence of coherence between heart and mind. At one with self. Confident, Empowered, Authentic.

Access Bars®


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Energy Healing


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Shamanic Healing


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Phone Consult


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Hands On Clinic Open:

Thurs-Sun A.E.S.T By Appointment

Thurs: 8am - 5pm
Fri: 8am - 5pm
Sat: 8am - 5pm
Sun: 10am - 6pm

CLOSED Mon, Tues & Wed

24 Hr cancellation policy applies
No Refund for late cancellation

How Access Bars Helped Toni

How Energy Healing Helped Jasmine

How Shamanic Healing helped Gaynor

Online Coaching


Video Consult Package. 90 Minutes or 2 Hours. Includes Discovery & Intention setting. One-off Exclusive Meditation & copy of entire session via video to download & replay. Clearing and healing of blocks within the energetic body and/or mental or emotional body. Past life contracts, patterns & programs released and cleared. Releasing energetic blocks causing physical pain. If you're willing to let go of it, I can facilitate your healing from it.

A One Off Exclusive channelled, guided meditation just for you during the moment to create new neural pathways to assist your spiritual & personal growth & evolution. Wellness Coaching and more. Please watch the brief video below to get an idea of what's possible when you are willing to heal.

Clients Give Feedback

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Thank you to all clients who have been willing to give a video testimony on this page and others. I am so eternally grateful for your willingness to share your experience so it may assist someone else's healing journey.

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