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Energy Medicine Specialist. (REIKI USUI). Medical Intuitive. Access Bars®. Access Body Process®. Medical Intuitive. Psychic.

Health & Wellness Coach. Mindset Coach. 

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Bec is an experienced Energy Medicine Specialist who has been using Reiki Energy Healing for 36 years, she provides a holistic approach to health, wellness and happiness. She has been helping people regulate their Nervous Systems for 36 years teaching Meditation, Breathwork and the last 6 years providing Access Bars Energy Healing Treatments.

Ex Registered Nurse, Registered Psychiatric Nurse. Ex Coronary Care & ICU Clinical Nurse Specialist. Ex Clinical Nurse Palliative Care Specialist; Bec now brings all she has learned over the decades about physical, mental & emotional pain to her private practice to help her clients. After an intense healing journey herself, she is well equipped & educated to facilitate your healing journey in her gentle guidance and wealth of wisdom she will share.

Spending time with Indigenous peoples of both North & South America on her own journey of seeking and healing, she also brings Shamanic Gifts to her healing style. Empowered with her Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Shamanic insights, your journey is sacred to Bec who is passionate about teaching people how their bodies can heal and transform. 

Decades of experience, research & dedication come together for your Healing Journey. Receiving & Surrendering to the warmth and comfort of Reiki Energy Healing from Bec's hands, or Access Bars® or Shamanic Healing delivers you the gifts of Modern Medical and Shamanism. Modern Medicine Wisdom meets Shamanic Spiritual Wisdom.

Heart Centred Passion for Healing Holistically.

Watch video testimonies below.

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(Gabriel's 5* Review)

"I had the pleasure of having two AMAZING sessions with Bec that were packed with revelations, awareness, alignments and the healing of a 30 year-old pattern of mine. I am forever grateful to her for this transformative experience that I needed during a very difficult and challenging period of time. As someone who is also in the healing arts, she is one of the best I've experienced." 

Kirlian Photography
& An Explanation of How Reiki Works
(4 Min)

Through the scientific process of Kirlian Photography, we explain visually here how Reiki Energy Healing (gentle laying on of Hands) works. Japan has been using Reiki (Life Force Energy Healing) to help their citizens heal using the Usui Method since 1900.

(4 Min Video)

What Happens When You Book Your First Appointment?

When you book your appointment, you'll receive an automated confirmation by text and email. The address of the clinic will be on the email (scroll down to see it) and can be located by clicking the link in the text (scroll down to see).

You will also receive an automated terms of service email which covers our 24 hour cancellation policy and waiver. Please electronically sign this to accept our terms of service. Thank you.

You will also receive reminders via both text and email leading up to your appointment and 2 hours before your appointment time.

Bec will also text you the day before your appointment with the address & directions on how to find the clinic.

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment up to and including 24 hours before your appointment. 

To do this, click the link on text either on your reminder or confirmation text, scroll down until you see the cancel or reschedule option. From here you may cancel or reschedule if something has come up.

If you cancel & give us more than 24 hours notice, you will receive a refund of your deposit less fees & charges from Square POS.

If it's 24 hours or less before your appointment, you will not be able to reschedule or cancel via the system. This does not allow us time to fill your spot. A late cancellation of your deposit applies.

You can however text or call to reschedule if it's urgent like you are sick or a family member is sick for example. Text is best as we are often busy with clients or running groups. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our contact is 0421 289 918

What Happens When You Arrive for
Your First Appointment?

Please take a seat in the designated waiting area when you arrive. Bec will welcome you shortly. She may be answering messages, with another client or finishing her lunch break.

There'll be an intake form on the chair or table waiting for you with a pen with some key questions for you to fill out. Please do this, this is both an Insurance requirement and will help Bec assess your immediate needs.

There is filtered water available and there are Angel Cards for you. Feel free to help yourself. Bec will be with you at your appointment time.

Bec will sit with you and go through the form and have a chat, this helps Bec tune in with her innate Medical Intuitive and Psychic Capacity. The healing process has begun. The conversation can often reveal underlying causes for your discomfort or physical pain. Bec uses her 42 years of Nursing experience and 36 years of Mental Health experience to make sure your needs are met throughout your appointment time. She also explains some key after care recommendations at this time to maximise your healing experience. You will receive written information to take home and refer to later.

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Clients Share Their Experience in Video Testimonies Below

Nadia, an Access Bars Practitioner herself explains how treatments with Bec have changed her life and relieved her pain from a car accident 30 years ago by committing to giving herself 90 minutes a week with Bec for just 8 weeks.

(2 Min Video)

Kim, a busy Business Owner of 2 businesses, a Wife & Mum explains how treatments with Bec have changed her life since she committed to giving herself 60 minutes a week with Bec for the last 3 months.

(1.5 Min Video)

Zane, a 6th year Physiotherapy University Pre-Grad explains how treatments have changed his battle with Anxiety. How he went from an average grade student who used to be Anxious, nauseous & sweating before exams to a High Distinction Grad by giving himself 60 minutes a month with Bec for the last 2 years. 

(3 Min Video)

Cindy, an Aged Care worker explains how her triggers have decreased and she is no longer reacting to stressful situations at work. She explains letting go of the past & bringing peace & balance to her life, feeling so much more relaxed giving herself 60 minutes a week with Bec for the last 3 months. 

(5 Min Video)

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Coaching Container

Maria, a Pilates & Yoga Teacher living in Essex in the United Kingdom chose a Coaching Container with Bec. She worked with Bec over the months via Video Conferencing to release blocks to her success in her Business.

(1 Min Video)

Vishnupriya, an Access Bars Practitioner & Business Owner from India chose a Coaching Container with Bec. She worked with Bec over the months via Video Conferencing to release both physical pain & blocks to her success in Business.

(4 Min Video)

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Join our Meditation Group
Pacific Paradise Qld 4564

Meditation is known to have very beneficial affects on the Nervous System, the Body, Mind & Spirit. Meditation helps us with mindfulness & presence with ourselves and those we love and care about. We have witnessed profound emotional healing in our Meditation groups here on the Sunshine Coast.

(1 Min Video)

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Join our Breathwork Group
Pacific Paradise Qld 4564
Thursday during the Day
Thursday during the Evening

Breathwork helps to regulate the Nervous System, it helps us focus on our breath and breathe in an intentional way. This helps us switch from the Sympathetic Nervous System (Fright & Flight) to the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest & Digest) We have witnessed profound Physical healing in our Breathwork groups here on the Sunshine Coast. See our 5* Google reviews by clicking the image at the bottom of this page - scroll down to view...

(1 Min Video)

Cindy shares her results with Breathwork Group
Pacific Paradise Qld 4564
(3 Min)

Cindy, an Aged Care Worker who has been attending healing clinic for Access Bars® treatments every week for 60 minutes a week for 3 months and Breathwork fortnightly for 3 months shares her results with shoulder & neck pain relief and a reduction in emotional triggers working with Dementia Clients. 

(3 Min Video)

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Day Breathwork

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Evening Breathwork

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What is Holistic Health?


Holistic Health is a state of being in balance. It is a body, mind & spirit in alignment and coherence. It is a body that has a high frequency & vibration, enjoys an abundant amount of energy, wakes without the need for an alarm or coffee, falls to sleep in a calm peace-filled manner with a mind at ease; a spirit at peace.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration" (Nikola Tesla)

"The greater your pain, the further you are away from your true authentic self" (Ian Gawler)

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Practitioner Training


Importance of Integration After Energy Medicine


After receiving Energy Medicine treatment, it's important to allow our bodies a period of "integration"

Ways to Assist Integration:

Lie Upon the Earth

Walk barefoot upon the Earth

Spend time in nature - trees, the beach

Coconut Water for Hydration

Eat wholesome Organic Food

Rest, be Gentle with Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Give Yourself Quiet Time To Integrate, Sob, Purge


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