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Indian Head Massage
Certified Practitioner Training Details

Graduation SIHM Class 13 students Aug 2020 600x350

Sunshine Coast

A Day Giving & Receiving
(1 Min Video)

This brief 1 Minute video gives you an idea of what a class in this beautiful relaxing modality with Bec D Transformation is like.

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6 Hour Certificate Training

10am Start

4pm Finish

Your Investment $ 350

Next Dates:

Sunday March 17 2024

Sunday June 30 2024

Sunday September 15th 2024

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Linda Shares Her Experience
(2 Min)

This brief 2 Minute video gives you an idea of what Linda thought of her class on the Sunshine Coast on Sunday March 26 2023.

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Refund Policy

If for any reason, you can't make the class you've registered for and advise me up to and including 5pm on the Friday 5 business days before (7 calendar days), you'll be reimbursed your payment less fees and charges. After this date, your funds are not subject to refund, as the costs of preparing the class have already been incurred. I'm happy to hold your funds over to a future class that aligns with your diary.

Please note that there is a 7 Business Day refund timeframe through Square Point of sale if payment was made online through the blue booking button. If payment was made through Humantix, your refund will be credited to the card you used to pay for this class. Thanks.

Amanda Recommends
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Merryn Feb 26 2023
Talks About Her Result
After this Training


Jenny March 20 2022
Bec D Transformation


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Tracey Recommends
Bec D Transformation


Catherine March 13 2021
Bec D Transformation


Video About Results From this Class
( 4 Min )

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How this Massage Helps People

In this class I show you my secret migraine and headache busting technique. I have a proven track record and results to support my unique technique.

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Here's What Sue had to say about her Class May 2021 

Here's What Nikki had to say about her Class Dec 2019

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