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What is Shamanic Healing?

As soon as I am in your presence, sometimes even before you turn up for your appointment, my body tunes into your body. My spirit or higher self aligns with your higher self. I feel, see and sense what's happening for you & your body in both the seen and unseen world; in the physical, the emotional, the mental & spiritual energy fields around your body. 

Using sound, vibration by way of singing or crystal bowls and/or Tingsha Bells and/or Shamanic Drum and Tuning Fork, I work with my medical intuitive & psychic capacity to identify energetic, emotional or physical blocks that are causing your physical, emotional or mental pain.

This is usually a deeply relaxing process for most. Drifting into a twilight state of sleep but not asleep. You may waiver in and out, depending on how much you are willing to surrender. Some go deep waking relaxed like they've slept for hours. Some are aware of their bodies on the table & in the room and feel blissfully relaxed, lighter and clearer in body, mind & spirit. Some have visions and go on their own journey coming back refreshed and feeling re-aligned. It's very unique and individual for everyone.

If I detect entities, implants or explants I remove them. I may also be directed by spirit to cleanse your energetic field with Palo Santo (the Holy Wood) or Sage. I may use Rose Water to seal your energetic field and close. Rose is the highest frequency essential oil. My tuning fork is the highest frequency of 580 hertz on the market. It's a journey that we share that will be unique to you. Below is one client's experience in video testimony of her journey and what she experienced.


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What is Light Language?

Light Language is a form of communication that bypasses human limitations around the meaning of words. It is a vibrational expression that speaks directly to our soul and DNA. Light Language can be expressed through the voice, hands, or body. It is a healing tool that can override lower vibrations and negative thoughts or emotions. Light Language is an umbrella term used to describe various languages of other dimensional Beings such as the Galactic Light Beings, as well as languages of forgotten civilizations that existed on Earth such as Lemuria and Atlantis. It can also designate the unique sound of your Soul. Light Language is a channeled multidimensional language that brings sound and energy from spirit into the physical, and it can help us connect with higher realms of consciousness.

Shamanic Healing
Video Review From Client (2.16 Min)


How Shamanic Healing
Helps People
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Importance of Integration After Energy Medicine


As with all Energy Work, Integration time is vital after Shamanic Healing. See the Home Page for more Hacks to allowing recovery. 

The most important thing is to make sure you are well hydrated. Sipping water regularly after any Energy Healing is VERY important. We discharge a lot of Energy during the treatment and our bodies are made up of 70% water. Trauma is trapped in our cells, energy work helps release the trauma imprint and the it is released via the kidneys and bladder in the urine.

If you were de-hydrated before the treatment, you will need more water than if you were well hydrated. It only takes 2% dehydration to develop brain fog and headaches. Water is vital to aid your recovery.

Strenuous exercise is not recommended after Energy Medicine and can in fact impede healing. It puts the body under stress when it's not required. The body should have time to rest and experience gentle, loving care after Energy Healing.

The body goes through a series of major shifts as it releases blocked, trapped energy and trauma related to repressed or suppressed emotions; patterns, programs, points of view, thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Connecting with nature, walking barefoot helps to "ground" or "earth" the body. The Earth contributes electrons to the body, this assists with integration. Being by moving water; a river, a flowing stream, feet dipped perhaps, the beach contributes electrons as well as assists with the integration process after Energy Healing. Resting is imperative. Strenuous physical activity will impede & sabotage the healing process and is not recommended directly after Energy Healing of any kind for this reason.

Ways to Assist Integration:

Lie Upon the Earth

Walk barefoot upon the Earth

Spend time in nature - trees, the beach

Coconut Water for Hydration

Eat wholesome Organic Food

Energy Exchange For Service

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(Includes Intake Form & Full Assessment of Needs & Imbalances, Body, Mind & Spirit)

60 Min Follow Up Visit $150

90 Min Follow Up Visit $200

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