More About Conscious Business Creation 12 Week Course

Begins: Saturday June 4th 2022

Ends: Saturday August 20th 2022

Live in Person or Online Via Zoom

This 12 week course (1.5 hours/per week every Saturday 11am-12.30pm AEST) is designed to take you as a Alternative Therapy Practitioner from where you are currently at to where you would like to be in 12 weeks time. Using Access Consciousness Tools and Techniques, we will facilitate you through to clarity about your business, your commitment to your business and a sure step 12 week program to facilitate you through to success in your business. Practical tools to attract new clients,  build and grow your business. All based on first hand experience by your Facilitator Bec D from Bec D Transformation 


Clarify Basics

Blocks to Success

Attract New Clients




Social Media

Other Advertising

Money Management

Fears & Doubts

Minimise Costs

Record Keeping

Mailing List

Zoom Video Calls

Collecting Income




Recommended Reading

Money Isn't the Problem, You Are


Being You, Changing the World


Available for Sale at Live Event or online via order & postal delivery. See Bec D Transformation
Cash & Eftpos available at live event


You get out of these classes what you put in. The students that go home and never practice what they've learned find nothing changes in their lives.

I've taught many successful Therapists these insights & skills, who are earning income, building successful part time or full time businesses and facilitating their clients relaxation & healing. You get to decide. You have free will. Your choices create your reality.

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