More Wellness Results with Asea

Why We Age & Get Sick

Here below are just some of the stories and results people have experienced using the ground breaking new technology Asea Founders Verdis & Tyler Norton and Dr Gary Samuelson (Atomic Physicist) have managed to stabilise in the Asea liquid Supplement and Renu 28 Gel Form.

First: An 11 Minute Introduction to ASEA

Aaron DeBono and Mum Angela (2 Min Video)

Hey everyone, this is a testimonial of my mum, trialling a product that I'm also trialling.What redox gel did to my mums strength and flexibility. "17 YEARS OF SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN" See what happens


The History of Medicine Courtesy of QTime Network (2 Min Video)

Dan Doyle: ASEA overview and product experience (25 Min Video)

Below Dan shares his experience with these products. Dan has a background as an athlete.


Sally Dymond June 24, 2020 (32 Min Video)

Sally is a former Olympic Swimmer, Sports Therapist, Massage Therapist and Frequency Healing Specialist. She shares her own personal experience with these products and results. She does an amazing presentation just from the informational and background of research into Redox Molecules perspective and it's worth watching to listen to her own amazing results with Asea.


Cristina Williams May 13, 2020 (17 Min Video)

Christina is a busy Mum to 6 children, she shares her own personal experience with these products and the results her children have experienced. She studied Health Science & Physiotherapy, has a background working from home in Marketing and Digital Advertising while raising her children. She was introduced to the products by Dan Doyle above and when she saw his dramatic results, she thought again about trying the Asea products. Christina does an amazing job on explaining the background on the discovery of what Redox molecules do in the body.


Lori Luna Testimonial (20 Min Video)

Lori is a Navy veteran from the United States in California, she shares her own personal experience with these products with Janine from Melbourne Australia, Lori explains how a paralysing cycling accident she suffered only 6 years into her Military career, changed her very healthy, very active life completely on it's head. She became highly dependent upon opioid pain killers. She shares her journey for healing trying EVERYTHING including Eastern Medicine. That was 28 years ago and in this 20 minute video, she shares  her experince about trying the Asea products.


ASEA Reviews Athletes and Sports Performance (2 Min Video)

In this short 2 min video Athletes share their experience with their sports performance and recovery taking the Asea products.


The Redox Breakthrough - Discussion for Health Professionals 
(1 Hour Video)

Dr. Gary Samuelson (PhD Atomic Medical Physicist), Dr Foster Malmed (Dr of Chiropractic & Certified Applied Kinesiologist) and Terri Malmed present: ASEA's Redox Bio Technology: "Clinical Results' Tips & Ideas for Health Professionals.


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