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            What Happens in A Bars Class? (9 Min)



There are 32 energetic points on the head (16 on either side) that when lightly touched, help to release stuck energy. You will learn about these points in class. No prerequisites are required - just the willingness to learn something new…

This is a hands on class

In this class you will learn:

  • How to 'run' the Bars® for peopleWhat each of the Bars helps to release
  • You will gift the Bars® twice and you will receive the Bars® twice in this class thereby letting go of some of your own blocked energy
  • You will receive easy to follow laminated Bars® Charts that you will take home with you to practice with
  • If you should lose these charts, please note a duplicate can be requested. Cost is $5 plus postage
  • You will also receive a certificate of completion for the one day 8 hour class
  • You will receive a 40+page manual full of more information, detailed descriptions, instructions and tools that you can apply to all areas of your life to change anything you may desire and be willing to change
  • The Bars® is usually a very relaxing and soothing process. 
  • Some people can feel tense or 'pressure' in their heads in their first session, particularly if they suffer anxiety or a need to control everything in their world. 
  • This can easily be alleviated and you will learn how in this class

Benefits of Access Bars include:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • A sense of peace
  • 'Space' inside one's head that was filled with thoughts before
  • Relaxes body, mind and spirit
  • Releases stuck energy leaving people 'light'
  • Boosts the immune systemReduces Stress
  • Releases Anxiety
  • Many have alleviated depression with this gentle energy touch therapy (me included)
  • Many have experienced health benefits over consecutive treatments


Learn more about my class in this video (8 Min):


I share what I have learned in this class:

In this class I freely share hints and tips on how this modality has assisted me to build my Natural Therapies business. There are tools in the manual that I use on a daily basis and I share in class how these tools have helped me to lead a happier, more content, successful personal and business life.

I have treated 100's of clients with the Access Bars and seen amazing results. One result I recall is a 15 year old who was suicidal, reclusive, not interacting with family, not eating and after one treatment, I received a text from her very grateful Mum to say she was smiling, laughing and interacting with family and joining family for meals again which she had not been doing previous to her treatment session with me.

I've had other people who came very anxious, very angry and after a few treatments made life changes, sent her husband and went on to do this class because the results and change was so profound. She is now opening her own practice and treats her 3 young children and husband with Access Bars at home. 

Scientific Research supports the
Access Bars®

Neuroscientist: Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin reports his findings in brain scans taken after people receive a 90 minute Bars Treatment. (11 Minute Video)

Dr. Lisa Cooney shares results with Regulation Thermometry after people receive a 90 minute Bars Treatment. (15 Minute video)



You will get out of this class what you put in. The students that go home after class and make sure they practice what they have learned in class, run other people's Bars®, practice on family and friends and arrange Bars® swaps like Mandy talked about above in the videos, change the most in their lives.

The students that go home and put the manual and the Bars Charts they receive in class on a shelf, never open the manual again and never run anyone's Bars® after class and never get their own Bars® run find nothing changes in their lives.

What kind of student would you like to be? Like the one I've described above or like Mandy in the videos shared here? You get to decide. You have free will. Your choices create your reality.

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