The Importance of Integration
After Receiving Energy Medicine Treatment


When we receive Energy Medicine treatment of any kind, it's important to allow our bodies a period of "integration". The body goes through a series of major shifts as it releases blocked, trapped energy and trauma related to repressed or suppressed emotions; patterns, programs, points of view, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Resting is imperative. Strenuous physical activity will impede & sabotage the healing process, it's not recommended directly after Energy Medicine treatments of any kind for this reason.

Ways to Assist Integration:

Lie Upon the Earth

Walk barefoot upon the Earth

Spend time in nature - trees, the beach

Coconut Water for Hydration

Eat wholesome Organic Food

Rest, be Gentle with Your Body, Mind & Spirit

Give Yourself Quiet Time To Integrate, Sob, Purge

Other Hacks After Energy Medicine

Sepia is a homeopathic PMS formula; containing the primary ingredient of sepia. It can be taken by both males and females alike. It appears to create a calming effect on the body, hence being used for PMS.

Rescue Remedy is readily available at most Health Food Stores. It's a Bach Flower remedy. We may need 4-5 droppers full instead of 4-5 drops as often as prescribed, depending on the amount of energy that shifts or the level of release that occurs during our treatment.


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