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Learn to Receive Online Class

1.5 Hour Online Class via Zoom

Your Investment $150

Paid Upfront via Credit Card or Debit Card

At Time Of Booking

Next Class:

Sunday February 20th

3.30pm - 5.00pm

You Also Receive a private link to the recording of your Zoom Call so you can repeat any clearings or meditations you receive during the Zoom Call

Do you have difficulty receiving? Are you a giver that keeps getting taken advantage of? Yes? Then this is the class for you. We are taught to give, few of us are taught to receive. So we struggle with money, we struggle alone and we struggle with love.

In this class, we explore what's holding you back from receiving the love, the money, the help or the acknowledgement you desire. What blocks you yourself have to receiving and where those seeds to blocks were created. We look at past lives where you felt limited and clear them as well.

This will alleviate some of the struggle and heaviness in your life. If your patterns are ingrained, the 2 hours may not be enough. I would recommend an in clinic or online healing treatment. Find out more below.

Find out More About Online Healing
or In Clinic Treatments Below

Find out more about what happened for Maria and Vishnupriya during their Online Sessions to clear blocks around money, their businesses and receiving abundance in the way it was intended for us before we were programmed for struggle and lack.

7 Minute Video Below

Find out More About Online Healing
or In Clinic Treatments Below

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