How to Order Your Redox Products Online

It's easy to order your very own Redox Molecule Products online, here you'll find easy steps to follow to use the online booking process.

Step 1: Click the link button below open new Tab

It's best to open the below button window in a second tab so you can switch between this page and your separate order online tab. That way you can follow the screenshots here by leaving this tab open and you can order in the new open tab alongside and switch between the 2 if you can't remember each step.

Step 2: Below Screen Appears

There’s a cart up the top of the screen, click the cart button in the middle of the screen that appears like this. See below. It says "BUY HERE" in the middle of the screen.

Step 3: This will lead you to this Screen

Scroll down the next page. See below. It says "Retail Customer" at the bottom of the screen. Click "Enrol"

Step 4: This will lead you to this Screen

Highlight the Product you wish to order. See below. Click the product and it will lead you further down the page. When you highlight your preferred product, the lower page will open up, you can scroll further down the page and highlight single products or a multiple number of the same product if you wish to order for others in your family or for a longer term supply for you.

Step 5: Click the Green "View Details" Box

Click the green "View Details" Box on the screen below.

Step 6: Click the Green "Add to Cart" Box

Click the green "Add to Cart" Box on the right of the screen below.

Step 7: Your Shopping Cart top Right

Your shopping cart will now be green with the number of your order in it, see the screen below.

Step 8: Fill in Your Details

Fill in your details, see the screen below. Here you can put in your CC or DC details. Once you've set up this account and remember to write down the password you've chosen and the website address, you can come back and order anytime you like or you can still follow the buttons through my Website.

Congratulations on your order! You are now on the road to better health, exercise recovery and healing. Remember to take a photo of any scarring you want to apply the Renu 28 Gel to, take a photo of your face and note down your current levels of pain, discomfort or health problems so you have a starting point from which you can measure your ongoing results in a month's time. If you should choose to continue taking the products, you may wish you join the company like I did as an Associate and have your very own website link like I do. Or you may just wish to purchase at a discounted rate as a "Preferred Customer" which you can also do from this same link below.

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