What is Holistic Health?


Holistic Health is a state of being in balance. It is a body, mind & spirit in alignment and coherence. It is a body that has a high frequency & vibration, enjoys an abundant amount of energy, wakes without the need for an alarm or coffee, falls to sleep in a calm peace-filled manner with a mind at ease; a spirit at peace.

It is the exuberance for life that propels the body, mind and spirit with the fuel of joy, of inner joy, not external to the body. Contentment and peace abound from within. Outer stimulus is not required to exist. There is deep peace, contentment and health is generated from within. Healing takes place on the cellular (physical) mental and emotional level. Minor & major disruptions do not cause extreme imbalance. This my beautiful friends is holistic health. Body, mind & spirit (soul) at peace and vibrant with energy and enthusiasm for life.

A purpose driven life that is propelled from within the heart; a knowledge of power and potency that is humble and exudes to impact others. No challenge is too great to master for it is approached with enthusiasm and exuberance. Motivation and momentum are propelled and generated from within.

The body is vibrant, the vision is clear, it seems not to age, it heals quickly from all manner of cuts, bruises, strains, sprains, accident or illness.

Energy Medicine works to bring body, mind & spirit into alignment. It identifies blocks to healing such as old wounds and traumas, emotional blocks and mindset patterns, programs, belief systems that limit and impede the healing process. Energy Medicine assists the release of these blocks to return body, mind and spirit to wholeness & alignment. It works to raise frequency & vibration at the cellular level. A low vibration & frequency creates dis-ease in body, mind & spirit. A high frequency maintains a healthy body, mind & spirit.

"If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration" (Nikola Tesla)

"The greater your pain, the further you are away from your true authentic self" (Ian Gawler)

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