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Vitamins C & D Are VITAL to Health

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Our bodies need to consume it on a daily basis. It is not stored in the body. It is excreted in the urine. Vitamin D is vital for the immune system and helps our bodies absorb Calcium, important for bone health. Vitamin D is most easily obtained from sunshine. See video below for some easy ways to increase your intake of both. Pine Needles contain 5x the Vitamin C of Oranges & Lemons. Pine Needles also contain Suramin. It is an extract of the pine needle oil; a synthetic concentrate which can be used intravenously. You can extract this through distillation by making a tea from the Pine Needles. It has "inhibitory effects against coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA". It has been shown to improve certain symptoms for those with autism and when it was stopped as a treatment, the improvement stopped and there was a return to the baseline. You can ingest Suramin simply by drinking Pine needle tea. Conclusions "The safety and activity of low dose Suramin showed promise as a novel approach to treatment of autism in the small study."

Please note I endorse & promote a Healthy Immune System & a Healthy Mind
I also endorse & promote Freedom of Choice
I have not taken the COVID 19 injection

Dr. Judy Wilyman presents her findings on over 25 years of vaccination research.

Dr. Wilyman has a Master of Science degree (Population Health) and a PhD in the History of the Control of Infectious Diseases in Australia. Judy was a science teacher for 20 years before completing her PhD in this public health issue.

She researched and lectured in environmental health issues in the Environmental Science Department at Murdoch University  from 2008 to 2010 and gave a poster presentation at the Australian Health Promotion Association conference in Perth 2009 titled - Mandatory and Coercive Vaccination: how ethical is this policy?

A Brief 2 Minute Video about The Government Injections & Dangers to health of Mask Wearing

Dr Ben Edwards

Dr Ben Edwards gives evidence in the video below at USA Senate Committee Hearing into Covid19. Published May 15 2021. Dr Edwards shares vital information in this 8 minute video below. "Natural immunity infers a more robust immunity than vaccine immunity could, but vaccinating someone who's already robustly immune increases their risk of adverse reaction 2 to 3 fold. 2 different studies have shown that... I believe God gave us a robust immune system and I don't think you can improve on God....There's a study from the original SARS back in 2002, the people that survived that first SARS, they looked at them 17 years later and they showed robust immunity STILL to SARS Covi-1, 17 years later. Historically we know that natural immunity lasts a lifetime". 

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