Distant Healing with Bec D Transformation

Online Distant Healing by Arrangement for global time differences. Please text, call or email. See contact page if these times don't align

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This video is for example of what may be achieved through Distant Healing

First time visit 60 Min $120

Subsequent Visits 60 Min $100
90 Min $150
120 Min $200

All appointments MUST be pre-paid when booking thank you.

24 Hr cancellation policy applies $50 charge for late cancellation

Psychic & Energy Healing. Clearing and healing of blocks within the energetic body and/or mental or emotional body. Past life contracts, patterns & programs released and cleared. Releasing energetic blocks causing physical pain. If you're willing to let go of it, I can facilitate your healing from it. 

Easy online payment with Credit or Debit card here when you proceed.

Please watch the brief video above to get an idea of what's possible when you are willing to heal. Watch on YouTube.

Online Zoom call if the time zones align during my working hours. You can book & pay online from the Book Now button above or a friend may choose to purchase you a gift card (below) The Zoom link will be sent to you the Wednesday before your appointment. Please note I do not work Monday or Tuesday (this is my weekend) so any communication will be answered Wednesday to Sunday.

Distant Energy Healing is delivered to you via email in a full PDF written report with any images that may help with and provide some insight. For the amount of time you have chosen, I will tap into your energy system, your Chakras and your energetic aura and give you a report of what I pick up in your energy field, your aura, your past lives, current life and emotional, energetic and physical body. You may also be interested in an Online Zoom Video call providing you with spiritual coaching, energy healing and clearing. Return to Services to find out more about Online Healing.

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Disclaimer - Long Term Conditions & Patterns

Please note that if you've had a long term thought pattern, mental illness or physical illness or way of functioning, it sometimes takes more than one treatment, just like when you attend a physiotherapist, physician or surgeon, it's not just one visit and you're 'fixed'. It sometimes takes several treatments and each treatment is different depending on where you are at in your mind and your body.

I've seen people have instant results and I've also seen people who require once a week treatments for 4 weeks and then maintenance treatments once monthly before they are aware of a dramatic result.

Everyone is different and experiences the Bars differently. No one can predict how many treatments it will take to change things for you. Your willingness to let go of control and surrender and allow the energy to move through you is the best way to create a long lasting change. For ongoing treatments & long term physical and Mental Health conditions I recommend the MULTI-PASS below so you can save 25% per treatment for 5 treatments and commit to your healing journey.

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