Unleash the Warrior Within


6 Hour Workshop

Your Investment $120

Pre-paid Event

Limited to Intimate Group of 12 People

Door opens 10am Start

4pm Finish

Sunday August 27 2023

Mudjimba Community Hall


Are you leading an empowered life? Would you like to? Unleash the Warrior Within is a 6 hour intensive workshop that will also include to short meditation.

This workshop is for those people at a cross road in their lives, relationships, career or finances and are seeking change & freedom.

This intensive Empowerment  workshop is designed to unlock you from the limitations and points of view that are stopping you moving forward in life, relationship, finances and career.

This 6 hour workshop is all about tapping into the power within to seek clarity, build confidence and find and release your inner warrior to empower you to step out and create a life that fulfils you and helps you feel more aligned to your true nature.

This 6 hour intensive workshop will be based on principles I've learned and used to change my life, my career and my relationships and the way I view money, create it and live a life of abundance.


Feedback from This Workshop
On Oct 2 2022



Warrior Within Photos Oct 2 2022

Warrior Within Group Taking Notes
Warrior Within Lee Mick Holding Hands
Warrior Within Jihl Julie Holding Hands
Warrior Within Jihl Julie Holding Hands close up

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