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Access Bars Class
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If for any reason, you can't make the class you've registered for and advise me up to and including 5pm on the Friday 5 business days before (7 calendar days), you'll be reimbursed your payment less fees and charges. After this date, your funds are not subject to refund, as the costs of preparing the class have already been incurred. I'm happy to hold your funds over to a future class that aligns with your diary.

Please note that there is a 7 Business Day refund timeframe through Square Point of sale if payment was made online through the blue booking button. If payment was made through Humantix, your refund will be credited to the card you used to pay for this class. Thanks.



Amanda completed Access Bars May 28 2023
This is What She Has to Say


Maryanne completed Access Bars Feb 26 2023
Training to Help Her Family
This is What She Has to Say


What is Access Bars? - Stories of Change
(2.36 Min)

Access Bars
Helping Clients with
Anxiety & Depression
(7 Min)

Allow yourself 7 Minutes to discover what this class can do through you as a Practitioner. Watch below now. Imagine being able to help clients with debilitating Anxiety, Depression & physical illness. I first met Toni 3 years ago, she did not prioritise her health and wellbeing in any way,  she only came to me because her Mum bought her a gift voucher. Hear her story of healing and transformation here.

This will help you to make your decision about the class. And if it doesn't, there's plenty more videos and information below for you. Just scroll and also click the blue question mark buttons marked "Click Here to Learn More" on each of the pages that will lead you deeper and deeper into the world of Access Bars, until you finally get to a video about Mandy who couldn't breathe when her anxiety became bad. Follow the question mark buttons to hear her story of transformation. Mandy also did her very first Bars class with me, her result was so great - she wanted more... 

Dr Lisa Cooney
Access Bars
& Regulation Thermometry (15 Min)

What Happens in an
Access Bars Class?
(9 Min)

Access Bars Class (4 Min)

Allow yourself 4 Minutes to discover what this class with Bec D Transformation looks like. Watch below now. It gives you all the information you require to make your decision about the class.


Mick McLeod & Myself
Share What This Class
Did for Us (9 Min)

Mick completed his first class with me in October 2020 and went on to complete 2 other classes at half price and is now a Bars Facilitator himself. We hosted a class together on the Gold Coast on Nov 27 2022. Below we discuss what changed for both of us after our Bars class. What if things of a similar nature changed for you after this class? What else may be possible for you in your life? With your money situation? In your relationships? All things are possible when we let go of our limitations, patterns and programs.



Stacey Recommends
Bec D Transformation

Jacqueline Recommends
Bec D Transformation

Read Cancellation Policy Before You Register

Access Consciousness - The Bars ( 4 Min )

 Access Bars Class Results ( 10 Min )

How Access Bars® Help People



Christine Tried a Treatment
Before Choosing to do a Class
Her Result Here:


How I use Access Consciousness Tools I Learned in This Class Online & In Person with Clients ( 10 Minute Video )

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